About us

giw mbH is the agency for professional B2B communications. We are your skilled partner when it comes to presenting complex material in ways your target audiences will understand and appreciate. Our services range from concept design work and consulting through to implementation and evaluation of the results achieved. A major point of focus for us is implementation - putting measures into action - because this is where all PR succeeds or fails. With in-depth expertise and many years of experience, we serve clients in the IT, finance, healthcare, office furniture, retail and logistics sectors and in manufacturing industry.

PR in Europe

Internationally, giw has worked with partner agencies for many years. Each of these agencies focuses on their local business and possess special expertise in B2B communications. We’ve got the organisational aspects of international collaboration off to a fine art and offer each client professional channels for communicating coordinated key messages right across Europe in ways that take account of specific local considerations. Partner agencies of giw are located in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands and Sweden for the Nordic countries.